Sligo Pride Parade 2019

Sligo Pride 2019 has a new Pride Parade route this year!

This year we will be gathering in Abbey Street carpark from 12pm.

We will then flow into our groups and organisations with the help of our volunteer stewards to follow out the Sligo Pride banner.

The Parade follows on from Teeling Street, turning left on to Castle Street before moving forward on to Grattan Street. Then we shall turn right on to Sligo’s main street, O’Connell Street. The final leg of the Parade route will be to march over Hyde Bridge and on to Stephen’s Street.

This year our Parade Route concludes by joining Sligo Summer Festival approx. 3pm where Sligo Pride will take over the stage until 4.30pm.

Screen Shot 2019-07-22 at 16.39.37

New Sligo Pride March Route

Sligo Pride Route and Accessibility

Accessibility for LGBT+ People with Disabilities

Sligo Pride aims to provide a safe, warm and friendly atmosphere for everyone. As such when it came to selecting the Pride Route for 2019 we have endeavoured to speak with Sligo County Council and listen to our own constituents.

Accessibility matters!

Whether you are using a wheelchair, walking with limited mobility, or Visually Impaired we want you to have a safe and enjoyable Pride experience with us.

The Pride Route is shorter this year than in previous years. While there are some road works on O’Connell Street we hope that this means more people with hidden and unseen disabilities or conditions feel empowered to walk with us.

If not, we are advising that people either select a spot along the top of O’Connell Street or Hyde Bridge as we all converge on Stephen’s Street Carpark to join Sligo Summer Festival from 3pm.

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