Pink Friday at the Swagman

Pink Friday exploded onto the Sligo LGBT scene in December 2015 thanks to the lovely people at ITS LGBT. Since then, tales of these epic nights out have become legendary in the Sligo LGBT community and beyond. Those lucky enough to have attended previous Pink Fridays will know that this event is simply not to be missed! We have been waiting for the chance to see each other again, and now is your chance.

Sligo Pride is delighted to host our extra-special PRIDE edition of Pink Friday with very limited tickets, so please book early to avoid disappointment.


  1. How do we book for Friday night, venue pink Friday  6th August.As three us planning on coming down for Fri sat and Sunday 6,7,8 August.


  2. Hello,
    We have links on Eventbrite that you can get from our events guide here on our website, on our Facebook events or through our Instagram bio. Unfortunately we have no sold out of seats at the tables we booked. You can call the Swagman directly and ask to book a table near where we have tables booked. They should be able to help you out.


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